Friday, January 20, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part(II): How I was fired

Second part of this serie...go go go

It'is the normal situation here in Spain. I worked for a car distributor small company...

From here, we got two conclusions:

1-Nobody buys a car when they don't have money

Nobody eats car for dinner

2- If nobody buys cars, the company goes bankrupt...

And this is my situation, of course, a Computer Ingeneer is totally useless in a company based entirely of databases and computers..I can't figure myself how are they going without my work (I'm pretty sure that they are writing all the info in blank sheets of paper ) and believe me, they generate LOADS of information

Well, the situation was like this
-Jacinto, son, you are fired, we don't have money to pay you. are you going to work without a person who manages all the computers?
-I don't know, but you are fired anyway

And that's all the history...see you soon!


  1. I was accused for stealing when I was working in a auto shop at the age of 17. I would crush oil cans to get all the oil out so it can be used. Cheap bastards. But the fat lady that owned the place hated me for always correcting her. So she said I stole something.

    To be fair I was, but she accused me for taking tools lol..f her. Still owes me like 200 dollars.

  2. Meh, terrible feeling.. Well the important thing is to move on , figure out some goals and go chasing them!

  3. Geeze, Im sorry man! They are probably going to regret firing you if they get an audit or something where they have to go back through the paperwork! Hang in there buddy!