Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Potato is back!!

Hey, due to personal circunstances (holydays, my girlfriend, job) I don't dedicate time to write in the blog(no time dedicated) So I made a personal effort and maybe I can start again in the blog.

I'm happy to come back, wait for more histories!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things are going better

Well, yesterday, and the day before i haven't seen my boss, so i did my usual work, giving tech support to other workers and maintaining the network. But this morning he asked me to go to his office, I thought "oh shit, he knows that I found THAT", but it was something better, he offered me to do some Human Resources work to find someone to work with me, he would let me choose anyone for the job without any restriction (obviously he or she has to be qualified).

It looks like this whole thing about the videos is over.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The boss house

Of course, I accepted to go...

20:00 PM, heading to boss house.

When i was driving to the house, my mind hurts, it's hard to explain, but I had over nine thousand ideas of mass destruction, like everything is going to go wrong or something.

When i ringed the door bell, my boss opened the door, cordialy, y stretch his hand and pass, the house is truly amazing, full of expensive things and...A DAMN BARREL OF BEER(i want this in my house NOW)

But now the important, he presented to me his wife, truly beautiful, now she is over 40 or something, but the beauty remains in her (of course, i cannot look her at the eyes...the photos of my boss just firing in my mind)

All go normally(because i try to act normally) we eat sirloin steak with roquefort sauce, an artwork of his wife and rioja wine (a mouth orgasm).

The family looks like a happy family, no childs, and two lovers...but now..i know his dirty secret...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh, Oh, this is not good...

Well, as I told on the last post, yesterday I finished my "hard work" week.

I'm about to leave my house, and maybe you say, "why?" (or maybe you dont give a damn). For those who wonder why, I'm going to my boss house, this morning he called me, inviting me and my wife to have dinner at his house with him and his wife, and I could not reject the offer.

Knowing what I know about him but his wife doesn't, I don't know what will happen and how I will react, I just hope those things in movies where almost everything you say while having dinner can have a second meaning are not true and do not happen to me.

I must leave now, tomorrow I'll tell you how it went.

Wish me luck guys.

Friday, July 22, 2011

my holyday week ends..

Today I "finished" all my haaaaaard work during the week(I just configure the server and added the backups i've had, 1 or 2 hours of work).

My boss was satisfied, I teach him how the new server works and all the hard work I do (LOL) the first time I see my boss happy, a strange feeling really. But I think something will happen, he puts some expectatives in me, he knows I work hard and i do my better for my work...

I hope he will pay me more or something...but now, I have to work the same as ever...:(

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is embarrassing

This morning I was deciding what should I show my boss that I "recovered", well, I decided to show him the documents he stored on the server.

I couldn't avoid it, now that I had access to his documents I felt obliged to look at what he had there. After a while without finding anything interesting, looking through invoices and photos with his wife I found a folder called 2010 reports, which was deeply hidden in the directory tree and weighed about 15 GB. I wasn't interested by reports, but I'm not dumb, and I know that some reports from last year can't bee so hidden and take that much space, so I entered the directory, and there I found tons of homemade videos of him having sex with men.

I won't be able to look at him the same way, now that I know that he's a big liar, he only got married with his wife because his father wouldn't leave the company to a homosexual.

Well, now I have something to show to his family and friends, and to every worker of the company if my boss treats me bad as he did before the accident and my "great job recovering data".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

home sweet home...

Today the new server has arrived, I stay all the day to setup it correctly, and of course, trying to recover all the lost data from the burned server (that i have on backups of course) so basically, i'm not doing anything.

My boss seems to begin apreciating me, today he said, -Hey son, you're doing a great job, but I want this running before the week ends...

Aye Aye sir.. this is my "holyday week" and I continue to enjoy it, this is awesome!

Sorry for the short post, but i'm reaaally tired (for do nothing :p). Past night was a hot night, and i can't barely sleep, tomorrow I try to do a better post!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The week continues

Well, yesterday was better than I expected.

After arguing with my boss I convinced him to buy a new rack and told him that I will recover the data from the HDDs, I also told him that I needed to work alone. He agreed to do so, as long as I show him some progress on recovering data from the HDDs everyday.

Now this is going to be like a free week, I'm "working" alone in a room, where nobody will bother me, and without having to do no work at all. My boss is completely dumb, when talking about computers (well, he is always stupid, but specially in that case), so the only thing I need to do is to show him part of the data from the backup at the end of the day and tell him that i recovered it from the HDD. So, I'm going to spend the week watching movies and playing computer games at work.

Also, the janitor hasn't appeared, and everybody is sure that he won't show up, so my boss has already hired a new one, I hope that this one doesn't burn things.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A new week begins

Monday, 7:00 AM.

I'm walking to my job, as is normal on Mondays, i'm opening the door when my face goes WTF! --> (my face)

In the middle of the office, there is a rack...ON FIRE, and then I hear my boss shouting on me. something like "repair that now, you hear me, NOW"

I tried to explain to the boss that was totally burned up, it can' be repaired, the only thing I can do is try to recover some data from the HD, but this have no sense because I save backups every week, just for things like this.

And here, the history of the burning server rack: The janitor, who was cleaning, droped all the cleaning water (I think don't intentionally) up the server rack, the server rack is always ON, weekeends too, that causes to get on fire, yes, the electricity has turned off, but the rack catches on flames and the janitor flee off, i think he auto-fired up him

And thats why i have to be like a slave to repair this shit, or buy one new...

Bye guys! with a bit of luck i finish it this week!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life and Computers

Well, yesterday I wrote about my life, today i'll talk about computers.

Computers are my life, it all started in december 1995 when my father brought home our first computer (I still have this computer at my house, and a couple of days ago i decided to turn it on, and it still boots!!), it had a Pentium Pro Processor and it came with Windows 95 installed, I decided I wanted to work with computers that same day, I could spend hours with it just moving the mouse, i was amazed at how by moving the mouse in one direction, the cursor moved in the same direction, I didn't know how it worked and maybe that was the thing that made me think it was so amazing and made me want to know everything about computers.

When I grew up a bit, I started attending to computing classes in a local academia, and a couple of years later, some computing courses were made at my school, I liked them because we worked with computers, but theory was boring because I already know it.

Next year, 2000, we started using internet at my house, with a company called EresMas, which don't exist anymore. We had a 56 kilobaud connection and it was really awesome how you could find information on pretty much everything so fast (fast at that time, when most pages were plain HTML and some images, now with a 56kbps connection you will spend a long time only to log in to your webmail). At that time people were starting to use ISDN lines and next year came ADSL to Spain (in Spain we never had DSL, now you can see some providers offering 100 Mbps but that's not DSL it's FTTH, lines have been always asimetric, and now, according to speed/price, we have the most expensive internet connection in Europe). We wanted to have that thing called ADSL that everybody talked about, but it ws too expensive, so we waited three years until prices were lower. I was at high school at that moment and I discovered hispasec, a spanish source for news about computer security, i found really interesting what hispasec's bulletin told that hackers were able to made, and that's when I decided not only that I wanted to work with computers, also I wanted to work in IT security.

in 2004 i started attending to university, I was so happy that I was studying what I wanted since I was a child, I learnt a lot about programming, about hardware, about operating systems (I discovered GNU/Linux one year before starting the university, and I already used it, but I could not appreciate how well built it was until I studied it in the second year of the degree), computer networks and so on. I learnt some things about security, mainly thanks to some partners who knew some tricks, but not enough to work on that, that's why I am now working in a small company, making what others don't want to (system and network maintenance mainly). But well, I'm still learning some things by myself, and I hope I will find my dream job soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A little history of my life

Really, i didn't expect so much followers in a short lapse, when I started I decided to don't take the blog seriously until there are some poeple that read me constantly, so...I have to take care of this and shot the long post I promised yesterday...

My life is really extrange, when I was a child I decided to be a computer engineer.

So i begin to study, all was too easy, but i reach the high school, and there are one subject that cause me bu**hurt, maths

(yes, i know, how can be any type of engineer that don't handle maths! that is crazy)

But i fail a lot, i failed in maths, except the last course of high school(here in spain is called 2 Bachiller) that I get mentalized and take care correctly of that trouble.

and TA-DA, University, all my life waiting for that, I begin with extranatural forces because i really enjoy going to class, I got nice qualifications, and a few more years later, with a engineer title in my hand, i'm working on a small business that treat me like a slave (9 hour work a day, 900 € at month..) and lots of hard work that must be performed by 2 o 3 people that I have to do alone.

Yes, i know you're thinking it, "if you don't like your work, just send it to hell". Yes, in other time i must be do that, now, in Spain, is a madness, the actual crysis (and a trash politics) has caused over 30% of people being unenployee, and this raises every day. So i have a stable work, with a stable cash, I can't do this, i have a house that I must pay, and a mouth to feed!

Well, hope you like this post, If you want me to review something just say in the comments! Thanks all for reading me!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Human stupidity

Sometimes I think that human stupidity is way bigger than we already thought it was.

Also, I have some followers now, I hope they are not as stupid as this man is.

Today i don't have much time to make a great post,I promise that tomorrow will be a looong post!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today I get rid of one of my insane desires, create my own blog.
In it i'm going to show what's inside me, althought with some nice videos that help me to concentrate about writing this.

My name is Jacinto, i'm from Spain, currently working on ITT. this work allow me to acces to computers whatever I want, so this blog will be updated constantly

As the first post, this is enought for today, hope you enjoy the visit


One video :D