Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part (IV): With a little help from my friends

Well, I have enough of this, I'm bored all the day at home (all the day except when I goo to look for a job) and doing nothing, I must do something.

This morning i thought that it was illegal to fire me the way that my boss do. So I phoned an old friend of mine. He's a lawyer, and he's out of luck, like me, he has no job, his lawyers office went bankrupt and had to close, he doesn't find job in any other, and nobody ask him for help with legal issues.

Right now I have some money but I cant pay him, or I can't feed my child. So we make a deal. I will sue my boss, and my friend will be my lawyer, for free during the legal process, and if my boss pays me, 40% of what I earn will be for my friend. He's very good doing his work, so I could get some big money from my boss, or even my job back. If I get it, what I earn the first month will be for my friend. I should thank him for being there always.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part (III): Maths for living

Considering I have 200 euros a month for unemployment, and 200 euros in my bank account each month too (I got some saves...for things like this) it is a total of 400 euros a month.

Distribution of 400 euros a month

1-My house--> currently, i'm in one paying 250 euros at a old women (it includes water, electricity and all the stuff) And yeah, it's cheap because the house have 3 rooms, the WC, the bed, and the multifunction room (40 m2)

2-Food--> I think that with 100 euros a month, I can live without starving to death, buying thinks like pasta, rice and cheap things...(i'm going to starve to death....really) and beer, loads of it

If my maths don't fail, it is 50 euros left...maybe fuel for the car, money to print curriculums...and maybe buy some clothes....

This is life in Spain :D

PD: No draw today, i don't have money to :P

Friday, January 20, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part(II): How I was fired

Second part of this serie...go go go

It'is the normal situation here in Spain. I worked for a car distributor small company...

From here, we got two conclusions:

1-Nobody buys a car when they don't have money

Nobody eats car for dinner

2- If nobody buys cars, the company goes bankrupt...

And this is my situation, of course, a Computer Ingeneer is totally useless in a company based entirely of databases and computers..I can't figure myself how are they going without my work (I'm pretty sure that they are writing all the info in blank sheets of paper ) and believe me, they generate LOADS of information

Well, the situation was like this
-Jacinto, son, you are fired, we don't have money to pay you. are you going to work without a person who manages all the computers?
-I don't know, but you are fired anyway

And that's all the history...see you soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part(I): Trip to the unemployment line(A.K.A Cola del Paro)

Since I open again the blog and now I'm currently unemployed, a new series of posts will come.

PART(I):Trip to the unemployment line

Well, i have some money saved on my bank account, but nobody can live with that amount, so...let's go to the Ministry Of Labour to renew my status as unemployed.

Yes, i know, i'm a professonal cartoonist
10:00 PM: Wake up, take a cofee, smoke a cigarrete, and on my way
11:00 PM:  My face when I see the amount of people per square centimeter, seriously, how...200 people in each floor (the building have
3 floors)

DID YOU KNOW?: Spain has 5,2 millions of unemployed people, that
it is an 22,5% of ALL the population in Spain

I sit down on the last chair unnocupied

12:00PM: After about 1 hour of waiting, my face remains as the picture
when suddenly, a worker call my name and I sit down on another chair

The journey begins...she ask me all my personal details (of course, writing them in a computer using only two fingers, this makes me mad).

13:00 PM: All finished, all my personal details are now writted and she give me a printed paper with my amount of money...200 euros...each month...seriously, who can I live with this ridiculous amount of money

14:00 PM: Arrive at home, get mad....I'll have to find a job soon...DAMN

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I came Back

Forgive me guys, all my life was a mess, I get fired by my boss and now i have no job since here in Spain there aren't any...Stay tuned, I'm sure that I will make more posts soon!

Many new posts to come soon!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Potato is back!!

Hey, due to personal circunstances (holydays, my girlfriend, job) I don't dedicate time to write in the blog(no time dedicated) So I made a personal effort and maybe I can start again in the blog.

I'm happy to come back, wait for more histories!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things are going better

Well, yesterday, and the day before i haven't seen my boss, so i did my usual work, giving tech support to other workers and maintaining the network. But this morning he asked me to go to his office, I thought "oh shit, he knows that I found THAT", but it was something better, he offered me to do some Human Resources work to find someone to work with me, he would let me choose anyone for the job without any restriction (obviously he or she has to be qualified).

It looks like this whole thing about the videos is over.