Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part(I): Trip to the unemployment line(A.K.A Cola del Paro)

Since I open again the blog and now I'm currently unemployed, a new series of posts will come.

PART(I):Trip to the unemployment line

Well, i have some money saved on my bank account, but nobody can live with that amount, so...let's go to the Ministry Of Labour to renew my status as unemployed.

Yes, i know, i'm a professonal cartoonist
10:00 PM: Wake up, take a cofee, smoke a cigarrete, and on my way
11:00 PM:  My face when I see the amount of people per square centimeter, seriously, how...200 people in each floor (the building have
3 floors)

DID YOU KNOW?: Spain has 5,2 millions of unemployed people, that
it is an 22,5% of ALL the population in Spain

I sit down on the last chair unnocupied

12:00PM: After about 1 hour of waiting, my face remains as the picture
when suddenly, a worker call my name and I sit down on another chair

The journey begins...she ask me all my personal details (of course, writing them in a computer using only two fingers, this makes me mad).

13:00 PM: All finished, all my personal details are now writted and she give me a printed paper with my amount of money...200 euros...each month...seriously, who can I live with this ridiculous amount of money

14:00 PM: Arrive at home, get mad....I'll have to find a job soon...DAMN


  1. I hate when people type like that. I was in the employment office last week, in the US, and had to wait 2 and a half hours to be told that I was allowed to apply for a job...I was pissed

  2. are those real numbers or skewed?
    Here in US, you're not considered "unemployed" if you're not drawing benefits, so when benefits run out and they take you off you're not considered unemployed.
    For example, last year in my area we had 36% unemployment, this year 16%, however our "employment" is still less than 60% I want to say it's like 48% or something, which means that the "real unemployment" % is closer to 52 not the 16 they're reporting.

    Crazy I know.

    1. Real numbers...sadly
      Here unemployed is if you had no job

  3. Haha that looks alot like my art to!