Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part (IV): With a little help from my friends

Well, I have enough of this, I'm bored all the day at home (all the day except when I goo to look for a job) and doing nothing, I must do something.

This morning i thought that it was illegal to fire me the way that my boss do. So I phoned an old friend of mine. He's a lawyer, and he's out of luck, like me, he has no job, his lawyers office went bankrupt and had to close, he doesn't find job in any other, and nobody ask him for help with legal issues.

Right now I have some money but I cant pay him, or I can't feed my child. So we make a deal. I will sue my boss, and my friend will be my lawyer, for free during the legal process, and if my boss pays me, 40% of what I earn will be for my friend. He's very good doing his work, so I could get some big money from my boss, or even my job back. If I get it, what I earn the first month will be for my friend. I should thank him for being there always.

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