Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life of an unemployed. Part (III): Maths for living

Considering I have 200 euros a month for unemployment, and 200 euros in my bank account each month too (I got some saves...for things like this) it is a total of 400 euros a month.

Distribution of 400 euros a month

1-My house--> currently, i'm in one paying 250 euros at a old women (it includes water, electricity and all the stuff) And yeah, it's cheap because the house have 3 rooms, the WC, the bed, and the multifunction room (40 m2)

2-Food--> I think that with 100 euros a month, I can live without starving to death, buying thinks like pasta, rice and cheap things...(i'm going to starve to death....really) and beer, loads of it

If my maths don't fail, it is 50 euros left...maybe fuel for the car, money to print curriculums...and maybe buy some clothes....

This is life in Spain :D

PD: No draw today, i don't have money to :P


  1. I hear you! Ive been getting by on ramen, pasta, and hotdogs for a while now lol.

  2. Good luck to you on stretching the budget!