Monday, July 25, 2011

The boss house

Of course, I accepted to go...

20:00 PM, heading to boss house.

When i was driving to the house, my mind hurts, it's hard to explain, but I had over nine thousand ideas of mass destruction, like everything is going to go wrong or something.

When i ringed the door bell, my boss opened the door, cordialy, y stretch his hand and pass, the house is truly amazing, full of expensive things and...A DAMN BARREL OF BEER(i want this in my house NOW)

But now the important, he presented to me his wife, truly beautiful, now she is over 40 or something, but the beauty remains in her (of course, i cannot look her at the eyes...the photos of my boss just firing in my mind)

All go normally(because i try to act normally) we eat sirloin steak with roquefort sauce, an artwork of his wife and rioja wine (a mouth orgasm).

The family looks like a happy family, no childs, and two lovers...but now..i know his dirty secret...


  1. hahahaha oh wow, what an awkward spot. I cant even tell you to pretend you didnt see those photos, because i dont think its possible considering how shocking it was.

  2. Well at least he didn't call you over because he knew you knew. Or he does and he's asking you to not ruin what he has with what you know. It's kind of hard to imagine that there are people who've been together for a while like that and not have kids, but it's not strange enough for people to question his sexual alignment, some people just don't want kids.

  3. Heh heh, I can't wait to see how this thing with your boss unfolds.

  4. good to know things are calm so far.

  5. i'm hooked to this blog!! thanks


  6. I cant stand working for someone and having a boss. Hate the idea and always will. Followed.